Anniversary Greetings from the President of Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany
25 October 2013

Please accept our hearty congratulations on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of Irkutsk State University. We are very proud to count Irkutsk State University among our partner universities and are privileged to enjoy a successful partnership with our colleagues in Irkutsk.

With view to our international relations Irkutsk State University is a very important partner of our university and we are very pleased about the dynamic development of the partnership between our two institu­tions during the last years. In the past there have been numerous successful exchange activities and research projects for the benefit of our universities, among others especially in the fields of Slavonic Studies, Physics and Computer Science, German Language, Law and Environmental Science.
We look forward to a rewarding close cooperation between Irkutsk State University and Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel in the years to come and we will continue our efforts to stimulate the fruitful academic and scientific co-operation and it is my sincere hope that we will intensify it even more in the future.
For the future we wish you continuing high standards of research and teaching as well as gifted teach­ers and students to carry on the traditions of excellence which have been established within the past 95 years.
It is our sincere hope that we will have the chance to meet in the near future and that we will intensify and strengthen our co-operation.
With my best wishes for you and for the anniversary celebrations
Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Gerhard Fouquet President