ISU starts a new project “Coming to Siberia with Love”
18 March 2018

ISU starts a new project “Coming to Siberia with Love” that is to present the stories by foreign students and lecturers who study or work at Irkutsk State University.
Naranzaya Nyampurev, PhD student, came to Irkutsk from Mongolia in 2010. She entered the Faculty of Biology and Soil Studies, graduated from this department and then entered PhD course.

- The focus of my study is the oculomotor reaction. It is suggested to be quite modern direction of research in Russia, although in some European countries this theme is under great interest for many years. Therefore, I have to work with literature and articles published in English. At present, I compare the ocumotor reaction among those who spend a lot of time before the computer screens and those who do without it. After defending the thesis I plan to come back to Mongolia and work for National University of Mongolia or Medicine University.