The Siberian-American School of Management Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
4 October 2016

On October 1st the ISU Siberian-American School of Management celebrated 25th anniversary since its establishment in 1991. Education at Siberian-American School of Management meets all requirements of the Russian Federation standards in education. Its graduates obtain a degree and receive a diploma from the University of Irkutsk.

An official accreditation by the U.S. Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, internationally recognized programs of foreign educational institutions allow graduates to obtain the degrees of those universities. Methods of teaching at a business school combine the classic University approach to systematic education in the sphere of market activity and practical Western management technologies.

Today Siberian-American School of Management maintains long-standing partnership links with Amerian and Australian Universities. It allows students living far from the centers of world education, receive competitive knowledge. Good study habits and persistence of SASM students contribute to their successful future careers. In the context of ever changing vocational environment in the labor market, SASM graduates are capable of changing their responsibilities and fields of professional activities throughout their careers. SASM graduates are equally good at finance, management, marketing, logistics.