New Student Leader Elected
3 May 2016

At the end of April the students of Irkutsk State University voted for a new head of the ISU Students’ Union. Margarita Tsyganova, a post-graduate student of the Institute of Social Sciences, was elected at the ISU Students’ Union conference.

We have a lot of tasks to cope with, and we have already started to solve some problems. The main priority for me is students’ interests, therefore, the protection and promotion of students' interests will be the major goal in my activity as a student leader, - Margarita Tsyganova noted.

Margarita Tsyganova graduated from the Pedagogical Institute of ISU in 2015, her major is applied psychology. Then she entered the post-graduate course at the Institute of Social Sciences. At the ISU Students’ Union Margarita has been working since 2015.