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Urgent Issues of Russian Linguistics
19 April 2016

The International Institute of Economics and Linguistics at ISU held the inter-institutional conference “Urgent Issues of Modern Russian Linguistics”. This conference is a traditional one and welcomes international students from China, South Korea, Mongolia and the USA.
The issues discussed are as follows: the language system and language aspects of the text, cross-cultural communication, theoretical aspects of modern Russian language.

My report deals with the national features of expressing emotions. My teacher of Russian grammar has recommended me to explore this topic, and it has turned out to be interesting. I have noticed that the speech of Russian people is quite emotional, I am emotional too. Probably, this is one of the reasons for me to love Russian language, - Sarah Chatta, the international students from the USA remarks.

International students demonstrated a good command of Russian as well as skills to analyze and compare language characteristics.
Every report has been thought-provoking. We should mention that the interest to linguistics issues is increasing, each year students find new topics to explore, - Elena Kraynova, the head of Russian language and teaching methods department, notes.