Isu - News - Congratulations! Congratulations!
5 April 2016

Four master-course students and one lecturer are announced to be the winners in the Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s Scholarship program. Annually the Vladimir Potanin Foundation conducts the scholarship programs to support the most promising master-course students and lecturers of Russian Universities.

Tatiana Lyubimova, an associate professor working for economic theory and management department, comments on her participation in the contest:
The program “Risks Management” that I submitted to the contest is the course I teach at the Faculty of Service and Advertising. Now I intend to transform it into the on-line course. It should be noted that this is the practical course based on some cases of real organizations that operate in Irkutsk. It will be of special interest for students specializing in economy.

Tatiana Lyubimova is planning to spend her scholarship purchasing software that is necessary for her on-line project implementation. She is invited to take part in the conference held by V. Potanin Foundation in April.