The Grant to Study the Informal Economy of Suburbs
30 January 2016

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research will finance the project supervised by Konstantin Grigorichev, the head of the ISU Academic research support center. The project title is “The Informal economy of suburbs: social and economic development of suburbs in the Eastern Siberia Region (the case of Irkutsk city).  
The project is aimed at revealing mechanisms and characteristics of the informal economy of suburb areas in largest cities of Eastern Siberia.

Konstantin Grigorichev:
We also plan to trace the dynamics of suburb areas development, determine the factors shaping suburb economy, describe and categorize the informal practices that are inherent to interaction among local communities representatives, local authorities and illegal migrants. The project is based on the grounded theory, with the suburb defined as a special social area being a “peri-urban interface”.

The RFBR also supported the research project submitted by Vadim Takhteev, the head of Ecology and Baikal studies laboratory, and the project by Leonid Pankov, the senior researcher at Astrophysics and gamma-ray astronomy laboratory.