The Renovation of the F.Kudryavtsev Library
17 January 2016

The presentation of the renovated F.Kudryavtsev Library was held at History faculty last week.

Fedor A. Kudryavtsev (1899-1976) is a historian and professor who contributed a lot to developing the history department at ISU. He studied the history of Siberia, the revolutionary movement in Siberia and the history of Irkutsk. He is one of the authors of the book “History of Siberia”.

The total number of books kept at the F.Kudryavtsev library is about 1500 items. But it should be noted that among them there can be found very unique ones published in late 19th century. For instance, the oldest book is “Chronology of the History of Siberia” (1883) by I.Shcheglov. There are some other books published in 1920-1930s.

For many years the books were kept uncategorized and, therefore, it was hard to find one book or another. But recently faculty members and students have arranged all the books, and now the library is open. Moreover, the information about the books will be available in social networks, - Alexey Petrov, the vice dean of History faculty comments on.