Russian Universities Ranking-2015: ISU Listed among the Leaders
19 December 2015

Irkutsk State University is ranked among the top Universities in the first ranking aimed to measure the economic demand for Russian Universities and their graduates. The ranking is run under the “Social Navigator” project conducted by the media group “Russia Today” in cooperation with the Center for Labour Market Research.

463 Universities located in 80 Russian regions were ranked in six groups: “classical” universities, engineering universities, agriculture universities, management and humanities universities and medicine universities. In the group “classical” Universities Irkutsk State University takes the 15th place in the list of 87 higher education institutions.

According to the opinion of Natalia Tyurina, the head of “Social Navigator” project, the new ranking demonstrates the real results of Russian Universities’ performance and the demand for specialists graduated from higher education institutions, the news agency “RIA Novosti” reports.

The ranking is based on the analysis of such indicators as:
1. The demand for university graduates in the real sector of the economy.
2.The demand for consulting, projects and innovations the University offers (University’s revenues from the commercialization of intellectual products).
3. Academic performance (citation index)
Among the leaders there are also placed Lomonosov Moscow State University, Novosibirsk State University and Tomsk State University.