ISU Scientist’s Article Published in the Royal Society Proceedings A
17 November 2015

On November 11 “The Royal Society Proceedings A” published the article written by Alexey Rastegin, the associate professor of the ISU Theoretical Physics Department. The article is titled “On the Brukner–Zeilinger approach to information in quantum measurements”. The article considers Brukner–Zeilinger concept of an operationally invariant measure based on measurement statistics.

- In the article we address the problem of properly quantifying information in quantum theory, - Alexey Rastegin comments on. Brukner and Zeilinger proposed the concept that later became the subject of criticism. We show that some critical points can be overcome by the means of natural extension or reformulation of the Brukner–Zeilinger approach. In particular, this approach is connected with symmetric informationally complete measurements.


* The Royal Society Proceedings A is a journal publishing research papers covering a wide range of issues in the sphere of physical sciences. Among other rating systems Proceedings A is indexed in Thomson ISI and Scopus.