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The Writing Workshop for Young Researchers
5 October 2015

Students of Irkutsk State University and Siberian Federal University took part in the Writing Workshop organized by ISU under the support of the Oxford Russia Fund and the ERPC “Vestnik Evrasii” (“the Bulletin of Eurasia“). The writing workshop was aimed at developing skills required for researchers: group-thinking, task-solving strategies.

Lectures were delivered by leading scientists and professors: Sergey Panarin, the head of the ERPC “Vestnik Evrasii” (“the Bulletin of Eurasia“), Victor Dyatlov, the professor of World History and International Relations Department, Marina Tashlykova, the dean of Philology and Journalism Faculty,Konstantin Grigorichev, the head of the ISU Research Department, and Nadezhda Lipatova, the deputy head of the Research Institute for History and Culture, the Ulyanovsk region. Besides, the program included round-table discussions and practical courses.

In his interview Sergey Panarin noted that the most effective way to acquire text writing skills is editing other participants’ texts:

“The tasks are linked to editing the texts written by other researchers. Some of the samples are the articles that are sent to our journal but have not been published yet. A very important thing for us to follow is to provide students with more practice. That is why among other tasks there was the collective editing of texts written by other students”.

– The workshop is for senior students and post-graduate students to acquire academic text writing skills. For instance, the students have to analyze the whole text, title it, divide it into sections and explain what language indicators have helped them to take one decision or another, - Marina Tashlykova commented on.