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From China with Love
2 October 2015

The Center for Chinese language “Confucius Institute at ISU” has commemorated its 8th anniversary and the World’s Confucius Institute Day at the end of September.

On September 28, “Chinese language Day” was held to honor the birthday of Confucius. Students, ISU faculty members and those who like Chinese culture came to celebrate the holiday. Guests attended masterclasses on Chinese calligraphy, paper carving and knotting. Of particular interest was the Chinese tea ceremony where Chinese ladies in national costumes demonstrated how to make and drink tea and shared some secrets of this ancient skill. All comers could try exceptional and world-known sorts of tea. Senior students had an excellent opportunity to watch a historical movie about China in Chinese and learn more about Chinese history.

The next day, September 29, the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language organized a concert where the student ensemble from the Dalian University of Foreign Languages performed the program “From China with Love. Russia and China are Friends Forever” within their Russian tour.“Chinese courses at the Confucius Institute play an important role in promoting youth communication between our countries and will further strengthen the friendship between our peoples. And this concert will be a great step towards this”, Liu Zhishen, the head of the Dalian University student ensemble tells.

The program of the concert included well-known Russian and Chinese songs, traditional Chinese dance, playing traditional national musical instruments such as Erhu, bağlama, guzheng, and Pipa. Particularly impressive were performances of wushu competitors and the dance of lions. The auditorium was full and audience could not stop applauding and let go their favorite performers.