The Monograph “Cossacks’ Life in Emigration in China”
23 September 2015

Igor Chapygin, an associate professor of world history and international relations department, presented his monograph “Cossacks’ Life in Emigration in China” at the International Scientific Conference “World War Two: Prehistory, Events and Lessons to Learn” held in Chita and Harbin on September 11-16. The Conference was devoted to 70th anniversary of the Victory in WWII.

The book deals with military and political activities of Cossacks. The author also considers Cossack emigration to the Far East and analyzes Cossacks’ role in social, economic, political and cultural life of the Russian diaspora in China in the period of 1920-1945.

– This topic is relevant to the history of my family, – the researcher tells– A special interest to Cossack history can be explained by the fact that my predecessors originated from Don and Kuban Cossacks. Besides, I have intended to explore some aspects in the history of the social group that has become to play an active role in border regions again.

Such themes as the Russian emigration history and Cossacks’ role in emigration have been among Igor Chapygin’s research interests for a long time. It should be noted that he defended his candidate thesis, published a number of articles and textbooks in this topic. Now he is about to finish his doctor thesis.

– Under the Program for ISU Strategic Development I managed to have a number of study trips to the centers specializing in Russian emigration studies, work at largest archives as well as state and private libraries and book funds. It allowed me to accumulate and scrutinize lots of documents and write the text in a short period of time, - Igor Chapygin notes.