Oxford Russia Fund Scholarships for ISU Students
16 September 2015

On September 14th Irkutsk State University welcomed the delegation of the Oxford Russia Fund (ORF): Alastair Tulloch, the ORF secretary and trustee, John Nightingale, the ORF trustee, and Alla L. Sergievskaya, the head of the Oxford Russia Fund Office in Russia.

ISU joined the ORF Program 10 years ago, and since that time ISU students have had opportunity to apply for the ORF scholarship. The scholarship of 6 000 roubles per a month is paid to students of 20 Russian Universities that take part in the Program.

ISU Rector, prof. Alexander Arguchintsev:

– The ORF gives our students a good chance to take part in the ORF Scholarship Program. Although there are other scholarship programs ISU students can apply for – for example, Irkutsk region governor’s and Irkutsk mayor’s scholarships, only a few students can become winners in contests mentioned above. On the contrary, the ORF program is aimed to support a large number of young researchers. And today we are pleased to welcome the ORF delegates at ISU. Let me express my warmest congratulations to ISU students who have become winners of the ORF scholarship program.

Students of humanities and social science departments can apply for the ORF scholarship that is awarded based upon student’s progress in study and research activity. On September 14th 120 ISU students were announced to be winners of ORF scholarship program and awarded with special certificates.  

In his address to ISU students Alastair Tulloch, the ORF Secretary and trustee, said:

– You have managed to become winners in a very hard competition, but this step is only one of those you have to make in your life. I would like you to remember one important thing: your real potential is much greater than you can imagine. Why did we launch this program? We think that we are able to help you to make progress in your life and contribute to the development of your community, your institution and your family.

In his speech John Nightingale, the ORF trustee, congratulated ISU students and noted that ISU students had some advantages:

– You have performed great results and become winners in the ORF scholarship contest. You are the best students to have great potential and aspirations for a successful career. I do hope that one day Russian Universities will have the feature that is inherent to British institutions: even after graduating from the University the student is a part of its community.  This is because of the fact that students are the essential part of their Universities. I hope you to be the decent representatives of Irkutsk State University, its ambassadors, and bright scholars.

Alla L. Sergievskaya, the head of the Oxford Russia Fund Office in Russia, told about Moscow office’ activities as well as the results of the ORF scholarship program contest. She made a special emphasis on the fact that ISU students performed good results in the contest:

– We analyzed all the applications according to 5-mark grading system. This year the winners are those students who were given “4” and “5” marks by experts, and this fact demonstrates that ISU has managed to create the atmosphere that is favourable for studying and conducting a research. Our experts noted that ISU students described very interesting projects in their applications. I may assume that Irkutsk State University has moved to a new level in its educational activities.

After the Certificate Award Ceremony the ORF trustees had a meeting with the Vice rector for science and international affairs and faculty members. They told about the ORF activities and plans. Later the ORF trustees took part in the “Hill Foundation” Program presentation at the ISU Scientific library. John Nightingale delivered a lecture “Why History Matters” that ended with informal communication with ISU students.

Svetlana Yamaeva, a student of the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science, comments on:

– I am so proud to have won the contest again. I consider it to be one of my major achievements. As a result, I have believed in myself. This scholarship is a good impulse for us to move forward. And it is a pleasant thing to know that you are on the way to other achievements.  I am very grateful to the ORF for its support, this scholarship made it possible to visit Saint-Petersburg last spring. The ORF scholarship program opens up new horizons   - geographical, scientific and many others.