ISU Rector's Address to Students and Faculty Members
1 September 2015

Dear students and faculty members!

Let me express my warmest congratulations to you on September 1st, that is the start of a new academic year.

We consider this day - September 1st - to be one of the most important events. I do hope ISU senior students have become a year older and, therefore, wiser. I wish you to move forward and grasp all the opportunities, Irkutsk State University provides you with, for personal growth. The studentship is an absolutely unique stage in our life.

Let me express special congratulations to first-year students who are going to start their first term in ISU. This year the majority of first-year students has put a lot of effort to enter one of the oldest Russian Universities to have trained a number of outstanding scientists, writers, famous public figures and respected individuals of our great country. You are to have the student life full of interesting events. That is the studentship that shapes your further career and life.

For lecturers September 1st is not merely the starting point of a new academic year, but the beginning of a new life period. Indeed ISU is proud of its professors, faculty members and scientists.

We want the renewed University to occupy a fitting place among leading academic institutions of our country and in the world. Therefore, everyone of us should do all his or her best to accomplish this task.

I wish you to have successful study and effective work!

ISU Rector, professor Alexander Arguchintsev