Isu - News - Cooperation between ISU and the University of Savoy: a New Step Forward Cooperation between ISU and the University of Savoy: a New Step Forward
Cooperation between ISU and the University of Savoy: a New Step Forward
28 August 2015

Last week ISU Rector Alexander Arguchintsev had a meeting with Thierry Villemin, the Vice rector for International and European Affairs of the University of Savoy Mont Blanc (Chambery, France). ISU Vice rector for science and international affairs Alexander Schmidt, dean of Biology and soil studies faculty Arkady Matveev, ISU International office head Yulia Elokhina and the coordinator of UNESCO’s Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) in Irkutsk Tatiana Lishtovannaya took part in the discussion of cooperation opportunities.

In March 2014 ISU and the University of Savoy Mont Blanc concluded the agreement on double-degree programs. In October 2014 ISU welcomed the University of Savoy's delegation that visited Biology and soil studies department, International institute of economics and linguistics and Service and advertising faculty. At present, the cooperation with French partners is in progress: under the program “Business English” five ISU students are leaving for France at the beginning of September. They are going to study at the department of Philology, languages and humanities of the University of Savoy for several months.

Distance is not a barrier for partner relations between Irkutsk State University and the University of Savoy, - Thierry Villemin explains. - Moreover, the geographical context and similar ecological problems make it possible for Universities to search for new topics for joint research projects.

ISU Rector professor Alexander Arguchintsev told about the most significant international projects ISU is engaged into and noted that:

ISU is aimed at developing innovation projects as it has unique resources to advance programs that are of great importance not only for the University itself, but for the local community and the region.

The scope of issues discussed at the meeting was as follows: proposals to introduce research projects co-supervision, to intensify academic mobility and initiate new research programs. Under the program Erasmus+ the professor of the University of Savoy will visit ISU to deliver lectures and work over the individual research project.

Thierry Villemen also reported that there would be established the Foundation "Savoie Mont Blanc University" financed by state and private companies. The Foundation is supposed to support research activities and programs through collaboration with departments that have international status. In this context it is quite crucial for the University of Savoy to strengthen partnership links with the Chair in Water Resources at ISU.