ISU Scientists Presented Their Research Results in Geneva
15 July 2015

The staff of the Research Institute of Biology at the Irkutsk State University presented reports at the 9th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences, held July 5-10 in Geneva.

Over 600 scholars from 50 countries made 390 verbal and 140 poster reports in various aspects of freshwater studies: from hydrology and meteorology to ecology and molecular biology. A separate section at the symposium was devoted to Baikal studies.

Within the Baikal session, Dr. Maxim Timofeev, Director of the ISU Research Institute of Biology, provided the report«Determination of Lake Baikal endemic and Palearctic amphipods thermal optima limits by changes in its stress markers». Daria Bedulina, Senior Research Fellow of the ISU Research Institute of Biology reported on «Proteomic responses in amphipods endemic to Lake Baikal and a non-Baikal species to thermal stress»