Irkutsk State University is Constructing the World's Largest Gamma-ray Telescope TUNKA-HiSCORE
10 June 2014

A famous astrophysicist, Razmik Mirzoyan, the leader of the research group at the Max-Planck-Institute (Germany), visited the Irkutsk State University. One of the main objectives of his visit is to check the progress of construction of gamma-ray telescope TUNKA-HiSCORE.

Razmik Mirzoyan is a co-leader of the research project “Gamma-ray Astronomy of Multi-TeV Energies and Origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays”. In 2013 the scientists of ISU won a 90 million RUB grant for the project realization. 

Within the project the world's largest gamma-ray telescope TUNKA-HiSCORE is under construction at the ISU Astrophysical center in Tunkinskaya valley. The unique installation will detect high-energy particles from the universe. It will contribute to elaborating new methods of physical measurements, monitoring of environment and ionosphere sought for solving tasks of environmental protection, space weather observations, and natural disaster warnings.