A Technology of Environmentally Friendly Chipboard was Developed at ISU
2 June 2014

The scientists of Irkutsk State University have developed an innovative technology to produce chipboard. The technology is unique as it allows producing chipboard without formaldehyde.

Instead of toxic resins, the scientists use fungal body - bazidial xylotrophic fungi. They are grown in vitro. Fungal body has no harmful effects on human health. Second, when using it simplifies the entire chain of production, i.e. saves money and time. Third, if additional studies, one can choose any characteristics of the final product, for example, it may be more or less strong, ductile, etc.

The scientists have already received a prototype of environmental chipboard. Today, it is a unique product unequalled anywhere in the world. The project is at the final stage of research.

The author of the project is Zinaida Efremenko, a student of ISU.