Investors are interested in innovative projects by ISU students and graduates
8 April 2014

Irkutsk innovators met with experts from Russian development institutions who arrived in Irkutsk in the framework of the joint project Russian Startup Tour.

Russian Startup Tour is organized by the “Skolkovo” Foundation, the Russian Venture Company, the Federal Agency for the Youth, and the RUSNANO Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. Its goal is to find projects for investment and bring the information about various support tools to innovators.

In Irkutsk, a system of platforms uniting innovators, financiers and managers has been creating for several years.  One of such platform is ISU “Taiga” startup school.  On the road show Russian Startup Tour the “Taiga” startup school presented four projects: “All-Seeing Eye”, SmartCastle, St.Appler, and Qedr.com.

The “All-Seeing Eye” is an object detection system created by a 4th year student of ISU, Maxim Lushchikov. It consists of software and hardware parts. “All-Seeing Eye” will help fight criminality and control situation on the roads, not only recognizing tag numbers of a car, but also identifying its driver.

Technology for “smart” houses - the SmartCastle project is designed by a graduate of ISU, Konstantin Gortsevski. Available to the general public, the electronic system maintains all housing systems.  

The Qedr.com project, proposed by a resident of the startup school Alexander Rodin, solves the problem of availability of services on the Internet. The innovation is focused primarily on banking and financial institutions and government, media and commercial online resources.

The project of St.Appler digital publishing house, organized by the university graduates (a resident of the startup school “Taiga” in 2013), was invited to the youth section of the Moscow Forum for innovative development “Open Innovations”. The innovation makes it easy to create and publish digital versions of various publications on a variety of mobile devices. The project will provide the opportunity to create comfortable newsfeeds with text size adapted for small screens, static and interactive layouts, Full-3D models and many other items available on mobile devices.