Irkutsk State University holds “Festival of Science”
2 April 2014

On the 24th of March, a grand opening ceremony of the popular science festival “Days of Science in the Baikal region” took place in Irkutsk. The festival is organized by the Irkutsk State University and I.I. Molchanov- Siberiskiy Irkutsk Regional Library with the financial support from “Dynasty” foundation.

The main goal of the festival is popularization of modern achievements of natural and exact sciences: mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, and biology. Lectures are delivered by well-known scientists and science popularizers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Liege (Belgium), Chernogolovka, Sarov, and Irkutsk.

Festive events started on the 20th of March and are held at 10 sites of Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region. 25 lecturers will talk about science, 14 of them are Irkutsk people - representatives of the Irkutsk classical university, the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Law. All of them are experienced enough in interacting with students and unprepared audience.