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Pedagogical Institute

Address: 6 Nizhniaja Naberezhnaia St, Irkutsk

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Faculty of Pedagogy

The faculty of pedagogy has been training qualified specialists for the past 50 years. It currently continues its well-established activities and is actively developing.

The graduate students who obtained Bachelor degree in pedagogy have the opportunity to pursue their studies.

The faculty offers the following Master degree programs:

  • “Higher Education”
  • “Management of education” (Elementary/infant)
  • “Social Pedagogy”

The Faculty of Pedagogy traditionally offers Ph.D. programs in two specialties: “General

pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education” and “Pedagogical psychology”.

The graduate students of the faculty can work not only in the sphere of education but also in psychological–pedagogical services in enterprises, managerial structures, law machinery, journalism, commerce and so on.

63 lecturers work at the faculty among which 6 professors and doctors of science, 37 associate professors and Ph.D. holders.


  • Psychology and Pedagogy of Elementary Education;
  • Psychology and Pedagogy of Infant Education;
  • Social Pedagogy and Psychology;
  • Pedagogy;
  • Physical-Sporting and Medico Biological Disciplines.

There is an educational portal, computer rooms with Internet access, multimedia devices, interactive boards and distance education technologies.

Today the faculty of pedagogy has all necessary conditions to guarantee its students successful studies, a bright student life and a quick career.




Full-time Study

Period of Study – 4 years



Pedagogical education


Elementary education

Infant education

Physical education





Social pedagogy and psychology

Psychology and Pedagogy of elementarу education

Psychology and Pedagogy of infant education



Faculty of Mathematics,

Physics and Computer Science

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science was founded in 1917 and is one of the oldest faculties of Eastern Siberia. It trains teachers working in educational institutions of the Siberian region.

Currently, the faculty conducts educational activity in the following courses:

“Physics –mathematics Education” (Bachelor degree program)

“Pedagogical Education” (Bachelor and Master degree programs),

“Technical Physics” (Bachelor degree program),

“Professional Education (Computer Science and Computer engineering)” (Bachelor degree


“Professional Education (Electronics, radio engineering, communication)”(Bachelor degree


The faculty has three departments:

  • Mathematics and Methods of Teaching Mathematics;
  • Physics;
  • Computer Science and Methods of Teaching Computer Science.

Faculty of Applied Psychology



Full-time Study

Period of Study – 4 years



Psycho-pedagogic education

Psychology of Personality

Practical Psychology of Development




Full-time Study

Period of Study – 2 years



Psycho-pedagogic education

Practical Psychology of Personality


The staff of the faculty is highly qualified – 80% of them hold academic degrees.

Students have the following advantages:

Students are provided with hostels (the hostels are located three minutes’ walk from academic buildings).

Students can do practical work in schools, colleges, children’s summer camps and universities of Irkutsk region.

The graduate students of the faculty can work in educational institutions, personnel departments, social services and organizations. They can also become consulting psychologists.


Faculty of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science is one of the youngest faculties and was founded on the

25th of January 2011.

Currently, the faculty offers training in the following programs:

  • Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology;
  • Applied Informatics.

Graduate School programs:

  • Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics;
  • Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Complexes of Programs.

Students of the faculty have repeatedly participated in competitions in mathematics, computer science and programming of different levels and have won prizes as a team as well as in individual competitions.

Faculty members carry out research in discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics in cooperation with Moscow State University, the Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian

Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Siberian Federal University, Kyiv National University and other universities. Staff research associates of the faculty are constantly supported by grants given by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, as in the case of a high-performance server project aiming at solving complex computational problems in the field of discrete mathematics.

Faculty members regularly participate in international and Russian academic conferences and organize international conferences on algebra, mathematical logic, discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics in Irkutsk and on Baikal shores.


Faculty of Geography and Natural Sciences

The faculty of Geography and Natural Sciences is one of the oldest faculties not only of our institute, but also of Eastern Siberia. It was founded in 1917 and was the first educational institution in the region of Irkutsk to promote the training of teachers in a wide range of subjects including geography, biology, chemistry, mineralogy.

Today, the faculty offers additional opportunities for research thanks to the following centers: the Teaching and Research Center of the Institute of Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Scientific Research Center which collaborates with the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Student- Lecturer Club “Portulan” and the Ecological Club “Eclipse”. Moreover, students can participate in the endeavors of the East Siberian Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

The faculty has an agrobiological station located in Irkutsk, a nursery specializing in rare species of plants, greenhouses, specialized centers near the Irkutsk Reservoir, as well as in the Arshan village, the Bolshoe Goloustnoye village and Maloe More where students together with teachers take part in field courses.

The faculty maintains close ties with research institutions of the Academy of Sciences, various universities and institutions such as Irkutsk Medical University, Irkutsk State University and its Institute of Biology, the Limnological Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


  • Geography, Life safety and Methods;
  • Natural Sciences;

The personnel of the departments include 5 doctors, 18 candidates of sciences, 2 senior lecturers without a degree.





Pedagogical education

Bachelor Degree programs:


Biology- Geography

Biology- Chemistry

Life safety - Geography

Life safety - Chemistry

Master Degree programs:

Biological education

Geographical education

Chemical education

Ecological education


Ecology and Environmental Management









Land Management and Cadastre




  • Zoology
  • Ecology

International Cooperation

The Faculty of Geography and Natural Sciences has put in place joint exchange programs with universities of Poland, Germany, USA, Serbia and Kazakhstan.

In 2012 the University team was awarded the first prize at the 4th International Internet

Mathematical Olympiad for Students organized by the Ariel University Center of Samaria (Israel) which had gathered 98 teams from Romania, Israel, Russia, USA, Bulgaria, UK, Poland and Belarus.

Faculty of Special and Inclusive Education

There has always been a great need for specialists in teaching children with various disorders.

The faculty of defectology was established in 1963 and its alumni have provided the personnel for special schools in the vast territory of Siberia and the Far East. Since 1993, an additional program in psychology was inaugurated and added to the existing specialties in “Oligophrenopedagogy” and “Logopaedics”.


  • Pedagogy and Psychology of Special Education and Upbringing;
  • Complex correction of children’s developmental disabilities.

The faculty has highly qualified and experienced faculty members, including 3 doctors and 22 candidates of sciences.




Full-time Study

Period of Study – 4 years



Special (Defectology) Education


Pre-school Defectology


Special Psychology



Psychological and Pedagogical Maintenance of Inclusive Education

The faculty has its own unique laboratory: the “Psychological and Pedagogical Correction of Children’s Difficulties in Development and Studying” which was created in 1965. The main purpose of the laboratory is to provide diagnostics and correctional care to children with various developmental disabilities and counseling to their parents. Highly qualified specialists of the Department of complex correction of children’s developmental disabilities work at the laboratory. They accumulate diagnostic and methodical data which they further develop in course works, diploma works and papers dealing with specific thematic fields.


Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship

The Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship was created on the basis of the industrial-pedagogical faculty (established in 1962). The faculty’s main department is the Department of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Teaching Methods while its team includes 6 candidates of sciences and 2 doctors of science. The faculty has 24 study facilities including carpentry and metalworking workshops, sewing workshops and a room for food processing.



Bachelor Degree program

Master Degree program


Pedagogical Education


Management in Education


Professional Study


Organization of Professional




Graduate School programs:

  • Ecology;
  • Theory and Methods of Professional Education;
  • General Pedagogy. History of Pedagogy.