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International Institute of Economics and Linguistics

Address: 6 Ulan-Batorskaya St., Irkutsk
Contacts: tel. +7 (3952) 52-11-52

International Institute of Economics and Linguistics of the Irkutsk State University has been working since 1993, but its history goes back forty years earlier when the preparatory faculty for foreign nationals was opened at ISU on October 13, 1966. Throughout the years of its existence, more than 10,000 international students have graduated from the preparatory department.

In 1993, the preparatory faculty was renamed international. In addition to preparing international

students to enter Russian universities, the international faculty implemented Bachelor degree programs in “Commerce” and “Linguistics”. That year the first intake of Russian students was held and successfully continues so far. In 1999, new specialties were opened: “Commodity Research and Expertise of Goods” and “Marketing”. In 2005, the Master degree program in “Commerce” and “Linguistics” was opened. In 2007, the international faculty was reorganized into the Institute of Economics and Linguistics. That year the cultural and educational center

“Confucius Institute” was opened along with the Center for the Study of the Korean Language.

Currently, about 2,000 students are enrolled in the International Institute of Economics and Linguistics in various training programs and forms of education. There are students from Russia, China, Korea, Mongolia, the United States, Germany, France, Austria and other countries.

The Institute maintains a pre-university program for foreign nationals to get higher education in programs of bachelor and master degrees.

The Institute offers study of six foreign languages (English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, and Japanese) and internships at foreign universities. The Institute conducts training in double degree programs in economics, linguistics, trading with China, Japan, France (bachelor and master degrees).



Preparatory courses for foreign students train on a contract basis in the following areas:
1. Pre-university education (humanitarian or economic profiles)
Period of training: 10 months (September - June), study load -36 hours per week.
The educational program in Russian language is distributed over two semesters and includes the following aspects:

  • Practical Russian language (grammar and speech practice);
  • Phonetics (exercise and correction of pronunciation);
  • Speech etiquette, including business Russian language;
  • general scientific style of speech (the language of your future profession).

2. Courses of Russian language and Culture
Period of training: 5 - 10 months (September - June), study load - 20 hours per week.

3. Summer Courses of Russian Language

4. Centre for Testing Foreign Nationals in Russian Language


Full-time study
Period of study – 4 years




Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures



Trade Policy

World Economy



Commodity Research and Expertise of Foodstuffs


Commodity Research

Commodity Management;

Commodity Research and Expertise in Production and Circulation of Agricultural Raw Materials and Foodstuffs



Full-time study
Period of study – 2 years




Russian as Foreign Language


Economy of Entrepreneurship


Commercial Activity in Commodity and Service Market



  • Actual issues of Russian studies
  • Cross-cultural communication (dialogue of cultures)
  • Issues on methods of teaching foreign languages (Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean, German, French, English)
  • Social economical issues of development of Siberia and Japan.