Students' Social Life Isu - Students' Social Life

Students' Social Life

ISU students are actively involved into various extracurricular activities: sports, intellectual games, discussions, cultural projects, volunteering, etc.

  • ISU Sports Club promotes sport and a healthy lifestyle. It informs students about the sporting life of the University, the city, the region, as well as organizes students’ leisure time through a  constantly increasing number of sports and cultural events.
  • ISU Club of Intellectuals holds regular intellectual games at the University and participates in city games, National and International synchronous championships. Besides, the Club holds regular discussions on urgent topics for students. A great achievement is the School League for Intellectual Games.
  • Students Union is a special association that provides a broad social support for students including medical insurance, free summer holiday, consultations on additional help and support from the administration of Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, and other sources. The Union created student discount card, through which students can buy food and receive different services at a discount.The center of culture and leisure was created in 2006. However, there were some groups and creative activities prior to the official establishment of the center. The special pride of the university is the ISU Youth Choir. It is one of the oldest amateur groups in Eastern Siberia having been around for nearly half a century. There are around forty students and alumni who are part of it.  Currently at the Center for Culture and Leisure there are other art groups“Higher School,” the dance group “Reverence,” the Buryat dance group“Ulzy”, the ballroom dance group “Inspiration”, ethnic drums group“Jam-Bei” and the laboratory of innovative arts called “Contrast”. The center stages a multitude of events: festivals, competitions, and concerts. These events include the talent competition for the first and second year students, the literary artistic competition, the Russian culture festival “Well Sing it in Russian,” and the festival called “Student Spring in Irkutsk.”The center organizes a large student ball for the anniversary of the universitys founding and the competition“Faces of ISU”.