Isu Lecture "Why History Matters"
Lecture "Why History Matters"
14 September 2015

The lecture "Why History Matters" by John Nightingale (in English) at the ISU Scientific Library on September 14th

Key points of the lecture:

The contrast beween the study of history in Russia and the United Kingdom.  In Britain, history is one of the most studied subjects at university level and many leaders in politics, business, finance, IT, law and other fields have studied history.

One reason for this may be that the study of history requires skills that are also required  to succeed in those fields – ability to assess complex data, readiness to challenge established opinion, curiosity, imagination.

An example of this can be provided by the period of Charlemagne (768-814AD), whose conquests covered the territory that has become modern Europe. The study of this distant society can encourage students to challenge and think beyond normal assumptions regarding central ideas such as the making of Europe and the rebirth of government and administration.  

Studies of this kind provide a wider reference for students to think about and grapple with the challenges of the modern world.

The lecture starts at 16.00