Why ISU?

Study at ISU is an opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research at lake Baikal

why_1_sIt is said that lake Baikal is a time machine that allows one to study the present as well as the past. Physicists, geographers, and biologists all maintain their own continually operated expirimental laboratories. In Bolshie Koty ISU has a hydrobiology laboratory.

The best example of an effective function from the past few years is the participation of the university in the International Summer School for Young Scientists «The Ecology of major bodies of water and their watersheds.» In 2013 the Irkutsk State University took participants from school no. 5 that was organised by the biology-soil and geography departments. This year nearly 70 students, scientists, and teachers from Germany, the U.S.A., France, Switzerland, and Russia have taken part in the project. The programme at the school included lectures from famous Russian and foreign scientists, a round table discussion entitled «Lake Baikal: A UNESCO World Heritage Site», practical classes on collection of hydrobiologic and hydrologic samples and their laboratory processing, as well as ornithological and geobotanical excursions.

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