The bridge between Russia and China


The ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics hosted the regional round of "Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students". The contest is initiated and supported by the State Office of Chinese Language Council International. Organizers in Irkutsk are the Consulate General of China in Irkutsk, Irkutsk State University, and the "Confucius Institute of Irkutsk State University."

Students competed in the command of Chinese language, correct pronunciation and sentence structuring. They demonstrated home-made presentations, complex improvisations on a given topic and interviews with the jury.

Igor Bychkov, acting rector of ISU, emphasized the importance of learning Chinese language:
Chinese language is gaining more and more significance in business communications, politics and culture. Learning Chinese language you become those able to play a part in public diplomacy and can contribute to solving issues in relations between Russia and China.