RUSWY Train Project Participants Visited ISU


Last week participants of the international cultural and educational project RUSWY Train visited ISU. The delegation consists of representatives from different countries and all of them are graduates of the Japanese program Ship for World Youth Leaders. The aim of the program is to promote Russian culture.

Participants of this program came to Irkutsk for the second time; the first visit was in 2014. At the ISU Scientific Library there were organized thematic discussions on such topics as “Cultural diversity”, “Volunteering”, “Ecotourism” and “Entrepreneurship”. The program of the stay in Irkutsk included a city tour and a visit to lake Baikal as well.

- It`s a very impressive program, thanks to this program people from almost all of the world can learn more about Russia. And we want to share our ideas. For example, I know more about ecotourism, - says Noora Almansoori, participant from the United Arab Emirates. – Within the framework of the program we plan to visit a lot of other interesting places.

The project RUSWY Train runs along the route Vladivostok – Irkutsk (Baikal) – Novosibirsk - Kazan – Moscow. This year the group consists of 32 persons from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, India, Japan, Chile, New Zealand, USA, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and UAE. Among the participants there are entrepreneurs, students, professors, auditors, school teachers and government officials.