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Online-courses of Russian Literature in English
24 March
The Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication of ISU finished the first online course of Russian literature in English “Reading Bulgakov. The Master and Margarita".
Exploring Japan
24 March
Anastasia Lapteva, student of Irkutsk State University (Faculty of History), took part in the Winter Online School of Hirosaki University dedicated to the culture and language of Japan.
The Consul General of Mongolia in Irkutsk visited Irkutsk State University on March 3rd
15 March
The new Consul General of Mongolia Jigmed Enkhjargal visited ISU with the purpose to meet ISU Rector, professor Alexander Schmidt and to learn more about the University. 
The project of ISU scientists supported by a Grant from the President of the Russian Federation
1 March
The neurophysiology project headed by Denis Aksenov-Gribanov, PhD in Biology, a researcher of Irkutsk State University, is supported by a grant of the President of the Russian Federation.
Joint Sakigake-Symposium on Chemistry
24 February
Scientists from Kanazawa University (Japan) and Irkutsk State University discussed modern trends in chemistry research during the expert seminar on January 27.
100th anniversary of Russian-Mongolian diplomatic relations
24 February
ISU plans to hold a wide range of scientific, cultural and educational events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Russia.
ISU Brand Promotion
19 February
There are two new official accounts of Irkutsk State University - on Telegram and Instagram.
Issues of Cultural Adaptation of Foreign Students Discussed
19 February
On January 21st, the members of the Public Chamber of Irkutsk Region visited the International Institute of Economics and Linguistics of ISU.
Microplastics in Lake Baikal in Focus
19 February
A short popular science film about microplastics in Lake Baikal was made by young scientists of the ISU Research Institute of Biology. It has been posted on the YouTube.
Basis of Economics and Management
3 February
International Summer Online School of International Institute of Economics and Linguistics at ISU
Retraining program in Management and Economics
3 February
The International Institute of Economics and Linguistics of Irkutsk State University provides a unique opportunity to obtain a professional retraining diploma "Management and Economics" on the basis of an existing diploma of higher or secondary vocational education in 3.5 months.
The 5th International Summer School of Polish language
15 July
The 5th International Summer School of the Polish language is a traditional event organized at the Baikal Biological station in Bolshie Koty village on July 5 - 9.
ISU Scientist Wins the Grant Competition of the Russian Science Foundation
14 July
Dr Elizaveta Larina, ISU young scientist, became one of the winners in the Russian Science Foundation's grant competition.
150 Million Rubles for the Development of a Unique Scientific Complex
13 July
Irkutsk State University is to get 150 million rubles as a winner of the grant competition organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
ISU Student Took Part in the Conference of Young Scientists in Korean Studies
13 July
Ms. Daria Stankova, a 3rd-year student, presented ISU at the conference of young scholars dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea.
ISU Entered the annual National University Ranking 2021
12 July
Irkutsk State University took 58th place in the annual National University Ranking published by the Interfax International Information Group for the 2020/2021 academic year.
Discussing Russian-Korean Cooperation
23 June
A round table "Russian-Korean cooperation in post-covid reality" was held online.