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150 Million Rubles for the Development of a Unique Scientific Complex
13 July
Irkutsk State University is to get 150 million rubles as a winner of the grant competition organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
ISU Student Took Part in the Conference of Young Scientists in Korean Studies
13 July
Ms. Daria Stankova, a 3rd-year student, presented ISU at the conference of young scholars dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea.
ISU Entered the annual National University Ranking 2021
12 July
Irkutsk State University took 58th place in the annual National University Ranking published by the Interfax International Information Group for the 2020/2021 academic year.
Discussing Russian-Korean Cooperation
23 June
A round table "Russian-Korean cooperation in post-covid reality" was held online.
ISU Hosted A Seminar "Chinese Language In The System Of Life-Long Education"
23 June
ISU hosted the Second Scientific and Practical Seminar "The Chinese Language in the System of Lofe-long Education: Problems, Trends, Development Prospects", organized by the ISU Confucius Institute.
The course of lectures "Russia and China: Cultural and Linguistic Exchange" Completed
23 June
The course of online lectures "Russia and China: Cultural and Linguistic Exchange", which was attended by the students of Irkutsk State University and the representatives of Nanjing Pedagogical Institute of Special Education of Jiangsu Province (Nanjing, China), has come to an end.
ISU Entered RUR Ranking by Subjects
23 June
Irkutsk State University has become one of the best universities in the world once again.
A neural network algorithm for monitoring the ECOsystem of Lake Baikal
23 June
A new project of ISU biologists and Yandex.Cloud software group collaboration, with the involvement of the MartimeAl company and the Lake Baikal Foundation.
Agreement with Shandong Women's University (China) Signed
15 June
Irkutsk State University concluded the agreement on cooperation with Shandong Women's University (China).
ISU has ranked in the QS World University Rankings 2022
9 June
We're honored to announce that ISU’s academic excellence has earned us a place in the QS World University Rankings this year.
Grant for Research in Microplastics Pollution of Lake Baikal
7 June
Irkutsk Regional Branch of Russian Geographical Society continues supporting research projects of ISU young scientists with the topic of pollution of Lake Baikal with microplastics.
ISU projects receive financial support from EN+ group
3 June
Irkutsk State University projects receive financial support from En+ Group.
Higher education for senior school leavers from Uzbekistan
3 June
In May Irkutsk State University took part in the 19th International Exhibition "Education and Career-2021” held in Farg’ona (Uzbekistan).
The Day of Korea at ISU
2 June
Last Friday a series of activities were held under the aegis of the Russia-South Korea friendship.
ISU significantly improved its position in the international ranking RUR-2021
18 May
In the international ranking Round University Ranking 2021 Irkutsk State University took 44th place (among Russian universities) and became the only university in the Baikal region to be included in the prestigious ranking. Compared to last year, ISU has risen by 14 positions.
A New Leader of ISU Student Union
18 May
Last month, a regular meeting of ISU Student Union was held. Vladislav Smetanin was elected a new leader of ISU Student Union.
The history of feat
18 May
On April 29 the book "The History of Feat" was presented in the ISU Scientific Library named after V. Rasputin.
ISU entered the list of the best universities in Russia in the field of Engineering and Technology.
18 May
Irkutsk State University took 51st place in the ranking of best universities in Russia in the field of Engineering and Technology. 
Commemorative plaque to honor the memory of Mongolian scientist Bazaryn Shirendav was opened at ISU
18 May
On April 21 Irkutsk State University hosted a solemn ceremony to open the commemorative plaque honoring the memory of an outstanding public and state figure of Mongolia, academician Bazaryn Shirendev. 
Students from Russia, France and Germany discussed the impact of the pandemic on the regional economy
13 April
The IV International Student Scientific and Practical Conference "Consequences of Pandemic on the Regional Economy" was held at the International Institute of Economics and Linguistics. 
Manchurian apricot trees planted in the Botanical Garden of ISU
13 April
The Manchurian apricot trees were planted in the Korean corner of the Botanical Garden of ISU. The event was dedicated to South Korea's Arbor Day “Sikmogil” (식목일), a holiday celebrated annually on April 5.
HUAWEI Supports Students of IMIT
22 November
Students are awarded personal scholarships, funds are allocated for collections and participation in the International Student Programming Olympiad
ISU researchers took part in the German-Russian Forum
3 November
ISU researchers Ms. Yulia Shirokova and Ms. Yulia Lubyaga took part in the German-Russian Forum "The Formation of Sustainable Future - New Challenges for Economics and Research" dedicated to the Year of Germany in Russia held in Yekaterinburg at Ural Federal University on October 24-26.
University day
3 November
On October 27th Irkutsk State University celebrated its 103 anniversary.
The annual V Conference “Gotlib’s readings” finished
27 October
The annual Conference named after Oleg Gotlib, an outstanding Russian sinologist, and dedicated to his 70 anniversary took place at the Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media communication on October 19-21, 2021.
Mongolia - Russia: Irkutsk as a Friendship Bridge: the results of the contest summed up
21 October
On Monday, October 18th, the winners of the contest were awarded
ISU hosted the honorable guests from the European Union countries Embassies
19 October
At the university the EU Ambassadors met with the Irkutsk region authority, rectors office representatives and students.