ISU students celebrated the Student’s Day


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ISU students are talented and full of ambitions to succeed in science, sport, volunteering, social activities or arts. They are supposed to be key persons to influence the further development of Irkutsk region.ISU annually awards the best student having performed the best results either in research or sport, social projects or education.

On January 25th ISU organized a special ceremony to award the best students that became winners in one of four nominations: science, sport, social activities and arts. ISU Rector prof. Alexander Arguchintsev welcomed students and lecturers:

- We are living in the world of competition that is going to become stronger and stronger. Therefore, one of the main purpose of the University is to learn a young generation to find the own way to go in this world. The University and its team do all their best for you to fulfill your potential either in research projects or in arts and sports. Knowledge that you get at ISU can make you be more confident and open up new horizons.